British Gas hits 1.5 million smart meters landmark

British Gas hits 1.5 million smart meters landmark

British Gas has announced the installation of 1.5 million smart meters at the home of Leicester customer, Mrs Pyecroft from Whitwick. More than 25,000 smart meters have been installed by British Gas at homes in the city, according to latest figures.*

British Gas says smart meters mean an end to estimated bills, fewer complaints, and greater insight into energy use which helps customers reduce their energy bills.

Smart meters have an in-home display unit which shows how much energy is being used in near real time, in pounds and pence. Customers are easily able to set budgets, compare energy use over time, and see the impact of energy efficiency measures in their homes.

As a result, 79% of British Gas smart meter customers are more aware of their consumption and 90% are taking steps to reduce use, simply by using the information on the in-home display.**

Dual fuel customers are saving on average around 2% (£26), and British Gas expects usage to decrease by up to 5% (£52) with smart energy tools, plus customers can save even more with innovations like free electricity on Saturdays.

British Gas smart meter customer, Jane Pyecroft from Brooks Lane in Whitwick, says: “Our smart energy expert, Dan, was lovely and made the whole process very easy. He gave us lots of helpful information and simple tips to save energy, including the recommended amount of water to put in a kettle and not leaving appliances on stand-by. We quickly got a handle of the in-home display and we’ve barely put it down since!”

Daniel Colford, a British Gas Smart Energy Expert from Leicester, installed the smart meters at Mrs Pyecroft’s home. He says: “Smart meters give customers the chance to see exactly how much energy they’re using in pounds and pence. It’s a great feeling knowing that, by installing this technology, we’re helping people like Mrs Pyecroft to make real choices about the way they use energy at home.”

 Jorge Pikunic, Managing Director of British Gas Smart Metering, says: “We’ve taken the lead in giving our customers greater levels of control and insight into their energy use through smart meters. But we’re not stopping there – we’re continuing to innovate in smart-enabled technology. We’re already trialing a tariff that gives people the choice of having free electricity on Saturdays or Sundays along with new apps that give our smart meter customers information about their energy use on their phone.”

 More than 600,000 British Gas smart meter customers are already able to benefit from the free smart energy tool. It allows households to see a breakdown of their energy use by day, week and month, specifying consumption for lighting, heating and different appliances. They also receive personalised tips on how to be more energy efficient. The detailed information helps customers manage their energy use more effectively and keep their bills down.

Over 4,000 customers have trialled a new type of ‘time of use’ tariff, which allows them to enjoy free electricity on a Saturday or Sunday. These tariffs are only possible through smart meter technology.

Smart meters also mean an end to estimated billing, as accurate billing information is sent automatically to British Gas. While billing queries account for the majority of standard meter customer queries, complaint volumes from smart meter customers are 20% lower and customer satisfaction is higher.***


About Smart Meters

Smart meters replace existing standard gas and electricity meters and will be introduced in homes and businesses as standard by 2020.They come with a smart energy monitor that displays how much gas and electricity is being used, and its cost in pounds and pence, in near-real time. That information is shared with energy suppliers automatically, putting an end to estimated bills and meter readings.

The information from smart meters gives customers greater understanding of how they’re using their energy.

 * By March 2015, British Gas had installed 25,675 smart meters at homes in Leicester

** Source: research with 1500 smart meter customers Nov 13

*** Satisfaction with BG is 25 points higher on the NPS scale for smart meter customers than standard (-13 v +12). Source: Brand NPS Feb 2015