Direct Energy offer Illinois Free Power Saturdays or Sundays

Direct Energy announces two new products, Free Power Saturday and Free Power Sunday

Chicago, IL (September 10, 2014) -- Direct Energy announces two new products, Free Power Saturday and Free Power Sunday, and each does exactly what it says: customers aren’t charged for the electricity supply they use on either Saturday or Sunday. These innovative products are available to residential customers with a smart meter in the Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) territory of Chicago and northern Illinois and are designed to help those customers tailor electricity consumption around their busy schedules to potentially save on energy costs.

Traditionally, weekends are periods when electricity rates, consumption, and demand are low. With Direct Energy’s Free Power Saturday and Free Power Sunday plans, customers who are willing and able to move some of their high electricity consumption activities to Saturday or Sunday have the greatest potential to see real savings, compared to what it would cost to do those activities during the rest of the week.

“For our customers, convenience and flexibility are important, and with these new Free Power Saturday and Free Power Sunday plans, we are continuing to build on our commitment to our customers by giving them just that,” said David Hindman, Vice President and General Manager for Direct Energy’s U.S. residential business. “No two households use energy in the same way, so by offering a customizable product, customers have the ability to manage their electricity costs in a way that is most beneficial for them.”

Free Power Saturday and Free Power Sunday are both 15-month products and customers must have a smart meter and have residency within the ComEd utility territory to participate. Enrollment will be on a first come first served basis for the first 15,000 customers – the maximum ComEd’s system currently allows for customers on a time-sensitive pricing service with a competitive electricity supplier, per the Plug In Illinois website.

Customers who sign up for either Free Power Day plan will receive free electricity supply on either Saturday or Sundayonly for length of the initial term. On the day the customer designates as his or her free day for the household, electricity supply is free from 12:00 AM through to 11:59 PM. Customers are still responsible for utility charges and applicable taxes on the power used on their free Saturday or Sunday. During the remaining six days of the week, the customer will be charged a fixed-rate per kWh, starting at 12:00 AM the day after the selected free day, through 11:59 PM the day before the selected free day.

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