Direct Energy launch customer demand response programme

Direct Energy announces the launch of the Reduce Your Use Rewards demand response programme for customers in Dallas and Houston

Direct Energy, one of the largest retail providers of electricity, natural gas, and home services in North America, has announced the launch of the Reduce Your Use Rewards demand response programme for customers in Dallas and Houston, Texas. Enrolled customers will receive incentives for reducing their energy consumption during peak energy events.

The incentive programme is free to sign up to and is open to both current and future customers.

A peak energy event is when a region’s electricity grid is experiencing high volumes and customers are using power at an above average rate - customers enrolled in Direct Energy’s Reduce Your Use Rewards programme will be asked via email and text to voluntarily lower their energy consumption. If customers reduce their energy consumption by the specific level requested on the day of the event, Direct Energy will award the customer a 5% discount on their next billing cycle. Enrolled customers who did not reduce their energy usage will have an opportunity to complete an online survey to receive a $5 discount off their next bill.

On the day of an event, peak hours for use reduction will be from 6am to 9am and from 6pm to 8pm during winter days; and from 1pm to 7pm during summer days.

Manu Asthana, president of Direct Energy Residential, said: “Our new Reduce Your Use Rewards (or Bounce Back Energy Savings) programme is mutually beneficial for our customers and for the health of the grid, especially on days when energy conservation can be a factor in determining whether there are rolling blackouts. This programme empowers our customers to reduce their use during peak load periods when we call on them to do so and to be rewarded for their actions.”

Bounce Energy customers can enroll in the same programme, named Bounce Back Energy Savings, formerly named Bounce Peak Rewards.


Jessica Michan

Direct Energy

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