Milestone moment: one million smart meters installed

British Gas milestone moment: one million smart meters benefit homes and businesses

  • British Gas has installed its millionth smart meter
  • Homes in England, Scotland and Wales could save £651 per year on bills
  • 1,700 Smart Energy Experts trained to deliver the roll-out

Homes and businesses are already benefiting from one million smart meters installed by British Gas, as part of a programme which will see all current gas and electricity meters replaced by 2020. British gas has taken the lead on the roll-out - required by the Government - meaning it is bringing the benefits of smart meters to its customers early.

Smart meters show, for the first time, how much gas and electricity people are using, as it’s used. They also show the cost in pounds and pence on a handy display called a smart energy monitor.

Homes with smart meters installed by British Gas will also benefit from Smart Energy Reports™, offered exclusively by British Gas. The reports give households personalised energy efficiency advice and tell them how much they spend on cooking, heating and using appliances, enabling customers to help keep costs under control.

Stuart Rolland, Managing Director, British Gas Smart Metering, said:

“The millionth smart meter installation represents a major milestone for our customers and for Britain on the road to a smarter energy future. By taking the lead in the smart meter roll-out, we’re putting an end to estimated bills and providing information on energy use to our customers in real time.

“At British Gas we want our customers to be the most informed and empowered in the country, so we’re working hard to ensure customers see the benefits of smart meters as early as possible.”

Homes in England, Scotland and Wales could save approximately £65 per year on bills thanks to smart meters, because they make it easier to see how much energy is being used and its cost. Householders can also see the impact of switching off certain appliances when not in use – like computers or TVs on standby – and the related cost savings, meaning they can reduce the amount of energy wasted. A report released by Oxford Economics and British Gas last year also revealed that smart meters could bring as much as £14 billion in benefits to the British economy by 20301.

More than 1,700 Smart Energy Experts have been trained by British Gas to deliver the smart meter roll-out and help homes and businesses use smart meters to manage their energy bills and save money.

More than 26,000 customers have also been interviewed to ensure the roll-out meets customer expectations. The technology is already making a difference for customers, with those with smart meters less likely to have to phone with a bill query, and more likely to recommend British Gas to a friend than those with a standard meters.

Energy & Climate Change Minister, Baroness Verma said:

"I commend British gas on the installation of its millionth meter. This represents real progress in this rapidly growing market and moves us closer to delivering smart meters in homes and businesses across the country by 2020.

"The Coalition is committed to helping consumers with the cost of living. Smart meters will bring real benefits, helping consumers to make more informed choices on energy use."

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