Centrica supports report on women’s role in economic growth

Centrica supports new report aiming to boost women's role in economic growth

A new report published today by the Women’s Business Council (WBC), of which Centrica Group HR director, Jill Shedden, is a member, sets out a series of recommendations on how businesses can make the most of women’s contribution to economic growth through all stages of their careers. This untapped potential includes 2.4 million women who are not working and want to work and a further 1.3 million women who want increase their hours. The report also highlights that equalising participation rates of men and women in the labour market, could increase economic growth by 0.5 percent a year, with potential gains of around 10% to GDP by 2030.

Attending today’s launch, Centrica’s Chairman Sir Roger Carr said: “The UK faces one of the toughest economic climates ever so maximising women’s contribution to economic growth is vital. I am delighted that the government had the foresight to tackle this issue by pulling together such an influential and distinguished group of business leaders.

“The recommendations the council are making will have a major and positive impact on the futures of our young women today – ensuring they make the best career choices they can, receive the business set up support they need and are given the opportunities they deserve. I welcome the government’s response, it will be key to ensuring the recommendations are formulated into achievable action. I fully endorse the work of the council and encourage other business leaders to champion the recommendations in their own organisations.”

Read the full report here: http://womensbusinesscouncil.dcms.gov.uk