DE’s Green Schools initiative already delivering savings

Direct Energy celebrates the success of the Green Schools initiative, a two year programme to educate students and communities on energy efficiency

Direct Energy is celebrating the success of the Green Schools initiative as it approaches the end of the first year of a two year programme to educate students and communities on energy efficiency and sustainability.

In partnership with the Alliance to Save Energy, Direct Energy has funded the programme at sixteen Pennsylvania schools: eight schools in and around Pittsburgh and eight in the North Penn School District of Philadelphia.

The goal of the scheme was to reduce energy costs at the schools by 5 – 15% over a two year period. The latest report by Utility Management Services has revealed that an estimated 5.5% of savings have been made by the Pittsburgh area schools and an incredible 16.6% of savings have been made in North Penn School District this first year alone.

The Green Schools Programme is based on the students’ commitment to generating ideas and championing simple projects that deliver energy savings and then carrying that message out of their schools, into their homes and communities.

Commenting on the progress of the scheme Cory Byzewski, Vice President and General Manager for Direct Energy said: “The Green Schools Programme not only teaches young people about the importance of effective, efficient use of energy, but also demonstrates firsthand the significance that small, individual actions can have on their school, in their home and in the community.

“The impact that they’ve had on their schools is measurable, and they are truly becoming dedicated advocates for energy efficiency. We couldn’t be more excited over the results of the programme this year and are proud to be a part of this success.”

Reaping big rewards through ‘thinking small’ has been one of the keystones to the success of the Green Schools Programme. Initiatives like the CFC light bulb exchange during Earth Day promoted awareness of potential energy savings over traditional incandescent lighting.

The students also created a website dedicated to showcasing energy efficient activities, the results of their projects and the impact in their community all of which will be honoured at a ceremony this week.