British Gas takes lead to help customers find the right deal

Latest commitment from British Gas to make buying energy simple, fair and transparent for consumers

British Gas has announced its commitment to roll out a new comparison table on the front of annual statements from April 2012, which will allow customers to compare British Gas tariffs – and see if they could save money by moving to a different deal.

By the end of 2012, around six million British Gas customers in the UK will receive an improved annual statement incorporating the comparison table. By April 2013, almost nine million British Gas energy customers will have benefited from the simple, clear comparison tool being available on their annual statements.

80 per cent of energy customers back market leading comparison tool
British Gas has worked with its customers to develop the comparison tool. 80 per cent of customers found it to be a clear and simple way to compare their energy usage, annual bills and the savings they could make.

In a clear table on the front page of annual statements, customers will be able see:

  • How much gas and electricity they have used over the year, set out in pounds and pence
  • A forecast of what they will spend if they remain on their existing tariff for another year
  • The cost savings available on other British Gas tariffs – including fixed and online options – based on estimated energy usage
  • Clear information about end dates and cancellation fees, to help ensure customers are on the right tariff for them.
Designed with customers

British Gas has designed the comparison tool following extensive customer research. Energy customers have called for:

  • Information to be grouped into easily understood consumption bands, for example, low, medium and high consumption levels
  • Comparison tables to be presented in simple £s and pence and not based on per/kWh data
  • Additional tariff details, such as the tariff end date and cancellation fees, to help make decisions about switching
Ian Peters, Managing Director of Energy at British Gas, said:

“We are working hard to make tariffs simpler and bills more transparent.

“Empowering customers with clear, tailored information about how much energy they use and how much it costs will help them benefit from any savings available to them.

“British Gas is the first energy supplier to adopt this very clear approach. If other energy suppliers follow our lead even more customers will reap the benefit.”

Leading the debate on the future of energy

Today’s announcement is the latest stage in the British Gas ‘Honest Conversation’ - a series of industry leading moves from British Gas to help make buying energy simple, transparent and fair for all its customers.

Working with its independent Customer Board and after extensive customer research, British Gas has already:

• Made it easier for customers to buy their energy with just two simple tariffs types - fixed and variable;

• Helped customers save money on a better deal; a “Tariff Checker” helps customers find and move to the right British Gas tariff for them.

• Included a full breakdown of the costs that go into providing energy on customer bills, including green levies and company profits;

The UK’s largest energy supplier will also continue to take the lead on an honest conversation about the facts and future of energy in Britain.


  1. British Gas conducted research with 1795 customers on 25th and 26th February.