British Gas electric car tariff takes to the road

Electric car owners could pay as little as 1.25p per mile to power their car under a new tariff announced today by British Gas

Electric car owners could pay as little as 1.25p per mile to power their car under a new tariff announced today by British Gas - saving themselves £1,200 a year compared to the cost of petrol. (1)

The tariff will enable customers with electric cars to use cheaper off-peak electricity during the night hours to charge their vehicle. Based on current prices, it costs the owner of a typical petrol fuelled car over £65 to fill a 50 litre tank, whereas electric car owners would pay just £6 to charge their car and cover the same mileage. With an average of 10,000 miles per year, this could cut £1,200 from an owner's annual fuel costs.

The deal will also offer electric car owners priority installation of a smart meter in eligible homes. The smart meter will put an end to estimated bills and show customers how much energy they are using in real time. Smart meters are the key to making the most of electric cars as well as other technologies like solar panels and smart appliances.

The Electric Car Drivers Panel

The tariff will be available to all electric car owners from early in 2012, but British Gas is launching the tariff this summer for up to 150 owners of electric cars to help it gain an in-depth understanding of the energy needs of electric car households and help shape future products and services. In return, customers will benefit from early access to the new tariff and will receive an additional discount to their energy bills dependent on level of participation in the trial. (2)

To join the panel and the tariff, electric cars owners can apply by emailing their name, full address and contact number to . (3)

Dean Keeling, Managing Director of British Gas Smart Homes said: "Our tariff will mean that electric car owners can get access to cheaper electricity to power their car and reduce their carbon footprint.

"British Gas is making the process of running your electric car hassle-free. We'll install the smart meter, supply cheaper electricity to charge your car and advise you on when to charge to reduce your carbon footprint."

Experts predict that by 2020, electric vehicles could account for approximately ten percent of all cars sold in the UK. This equates to roughly 1.2 million UK households owning an electric vehicle(4).

Electric car owners can benefit from the installation of a charging point which cuts down the charging time by a third as well as providing a safe way to charge(5).

British Gas is also the preferred supplier of vehicle charging points for the Nissan Leaf - Britain's first mainstream fully electric car. The deal means that British Gas will supply and install electric car charge points in homes and businesses across the country. Charge points will be installed in domestic garages and driveways, as well as office car parks.

The first installation of domestic solar panels to power an electric car as a result of the Nissan partnership has just been completed by British Gas for Smooth Radio DJ, Mark Goodier.

British Gas has the largest number of smart meter customers in the country with over 300,000 installed in homes and businesses.



Customers can find out more, check eligibility and apply to join the British Gas Electric Car Driver panel, by emailing their name, phone number and home address .

Media contacts:

British Gas Media Relations 0800 107 7015

Elliott Grady, British Gas Media Team 07789 579114

(1) Figures based on British Gas calculations using average UK standard Economy 7 night rate, 100 mile charge range, 95% charging efficiency. The £1200 was based on a comparison with a 1.6l car comparing the annual cost of fuel for 10000 miles. The Leaf will cost 1.25p per mile - so £125 for the year compared to 15p a mile for the petrol car (£1463 per year). The calculation assumes 42.2 miles to the gallon and petrol costs of 135.8p a litre.

For the standard petrol car, a 50l tank gives 464 miles. A Leaf can do 100 miles per charge (costing £1.25) so needs to do 4.64 charges to replicate the 50l tank costing £5.80 (or £6 rounded up).

Changes in driving style, use of radio and air conditioning, and terrain will affect driving and charge range.

(2) Terms and conditions apply

(3) To be eligible for the electric car tariff customers must

(i) Own a fully electric car

(ii) Have a home suitable for a smart meter

(iii) Have an electric charging point installed

(iv) For full eligibility criteria contact

(4) Figures taken from Frost and Sullivan - commissioned by British Gas

(5) The dedicated charging point reduces the time taken to fully charge an electric car by a third and costs £995 (including VAT).