Winter fuel bills lower than 2009 for British Gas customers

Customers of British Gas, the UK's leading energy supplier, paid less for their winter fuel this year compared to the winter of 2008/9

Customers of British Gas, the UK's leading energy supplier, paid less for their winter fuel this year compared to the winter of 2008/9, despite this being one of the coldest winters of recent decades.

Bills have been reduced as a result of customers acting on the energy efficiency tips from the supplier and through the impact of British Gas' energy price cuts.

The findings contradict recent reports of the wider trend that energy customers in general have faced an increase in their fuel costs in the first quarter of 2010 compared with the same period last year (source:, 15 April 2010).

British Gas, which provides gas and electricity to more than 10 million households, has analysed the fuel bills of its customers for the first three months of 2010, and has discovered they are, on average, £373, which is £8 less than bills during the same period last year.

British Gas believes the increased gas consumption during the cold snap has been more than off-set by the overall reductions in energy use, as a result of the help it has given its customers with energy efficiency measures. It also believes the lower fuel bills are the result of its price cuts - including the 7% reduction in gas prices on 4 February this year.

Unveiling the analysis, British Gas' Managing Director, Phil Bentley, said:

"We are absolutely focussed on helping our customers use less energy and cut their fuel bills. This extensive analysis of all our customers' winter bills shows that, despite the increased gas use during the severe cold snap, we are succeeding in making overall reductions in the use of gas and electricity, against the reported trend in the UK. This is great news for the environment and household budgets."

Over the last year, British Gas customers have also benefited from some of the lowest energy prices in Britain. The company cut prices twice last year, by 10% on gas and electricity, and was the only major energy supplier to make a gas price cut this winter with a further average 7% reduction in gas prices in February. British Gas remains on average the cheapest major supplier of standard electricity and dual fuel throughout Britain.



  • British Gas' survey looked at the billable consumption of all its electricity and gas customers in the first three months of 2009 and 2010
  • The average British Gas customer's fuel bill was £373 in the first quarter of 2010, compared with £381 for the same period in 2009
  • British Gas has previously reported a 7% reduction in fuel consumption by its customers in 2009
  • British Gas is ambitious to help its customers lower their energy usage and supports customers with a range of energy efficiency measure, including home insulation
  • Last year, British Gas completed 150,000 home insulation installations
  • British Gas is keen to help as many households as possible benefit from effective, low-cost home insulation and has recently created an insulation business that will employ 1,100 insulation technicians this year