Centrica backs Government pledge to cut deaths and injuries at work

Sam Laidlaw, the Chief Executive of Centrica, has signed the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) pledge - a UK-wide initiative which aims to bring organisations from all sectors together to commit to making their workplaces as safe and healthy as possible. 

Centrica is now calling on others in industry to make a similar commitment and demonstrate the importance they place on the health and safety of their workers, customers and any members of the public who may be affected by what they do.

Sam Laidlaw said after the signing:

"A strong focus on health and safety has always been my number one priority and is especially important in an industry such as energy production and supply. The new HSE strategy clearly sets out the priorities for businesses if we are to reduce work related injuries and ill-health in this country, and I am delighted to give it our full endorsement.  The focus on strong leadership is totally consistent with our own new strategy, and we will be seeking to drive further improvement in our own performance and that of our business partners."

HSE Chief Executive Geoffrey Podger, said:

"We are delighted that Centrica is signing the pledge and hope it encourages others in British industry to do the same.

The company's senior managers are clear that health and safety is a key area for them as business leaders and the signing of the pledge demonstrates the commitment they have made to reducing work related deaths, injuries and ill-health.

We are looking forward to seeing the work of Centrica and all the other organisations that have signed the pledge do to improve health and safety standards in workplaces across Great Britain."