British Gas statement in response to the Ofgem announcement today

British Gas welcomes Ofgem's recognition of the fact that energy companies have delivered savings for customers.

British Gas was one of the first companies to address the difference in cost between pre-payment meters and standard tariffs.  A reduction in prices for pre-payment meter customers was announced on Tuesday 25 November.

The company welcomed the regulator's initial findings on its probe, which were published on 6 October.  At that time British Gas supported Ofgem's drive for a better deal for disadvantaged households.  British Gas continues to share Ofgem's concerns that electricity customers of the former regional electricity monopolies contribute all of the net profits of those suppliers, with electricity-only customers particularly hard hit.

Responding to today's announcement, Phil Bentley, Managing Director of British Gas, said:

"We are pleased Ofgem has recognised the efforts that have already been made to reduce the difference between the costs of pre-payment meters and standard tariffs. 

"In November we announced price reductions for our pre-payment customers - and were one of the first companies to do so.

"At British Gas we are fully confident we will meet all Ofgem's requirements for transparency and fairness in our pricing."