K Simpson

By Kyle Simpson

Apprentice, Smart Energy Expert

From oil and gas rigs to an apprenticeship with British Gas, Kyle Simpson tells us why he loves his new career and how he would urge anyone interested to apply!

Previous to accepting my apprenticeship at British Gas, I worked offshore on oil and gas rigs. I was a steward providing catering, cleaning, and janitorial services. I was also trained in a Heli-Admin role, dealing with flights, crew changes and energy response duties. Unfortunately, given all this, I was never given a permanent contract and had remained on a zero-hours, ad-hoc contract for my whole offshore career.

After numerous discussions and an acceptance that I was unhappy in my old job - to the point that it was almost affecting my mental health - a friend of mine, who worked for British Gas referred me. I jumped at the opportunity to apply and am so glad I did. I can say hand on heart, that in the short time I have been with British Gas, I have gained far more from my role here than in seven years at my previous job.

Learning new skills and knowledge is so important to me and knowing there are opportunities to progress my career and develop into other roles such as EV charging and Heat Pump installations, is something I can look forward to. Even at my age, I’m excited by the opportunity to learn a new trade, and the apprenticeship has massively improved my outlook to work – I am positive about coming to work and inspired to give it my all.

I am constantly challenged by all the new things I am learning. For example, this week we are doing pipework, working with fittings, and soldering and this is the part of the training at the academy I have been most looking forward to. I am engaging my brain to learn and develop, and I am really enjoying the interactions with colleagues and customers alike. I also love my van and all the equipment that’s provided – knowing I have the right tools for the job is key for me.

Day to day, I’m at the British Gas Academy, learning in class, gaining practical skills in the workshop, or I am out in the field with my mentor. Together we are doing the job for real and helping me gain invaluable experience. The theory work is a challenge but it’s great to see my learning come to life and see all the hard work in the academy paying off when delivering safe installs and first-class customer service.

I like that British Gas is a company that is inclusive and promises to deliver a more diverse workforce of the future. The way the business is changing to innovate and move to delivering Net Zero for its customers is the right way to do business. I find that they are aligned with my moral values and I am looking forward to playing my part. If you’re thinking of doing an apprenticeship, I would advise people to seize the opportunity to apply with both hands. It’s a cliché but this is not just a job, it’s a career. You will have all the opportunities you could ever desire when you put the work in. Most of all, enjoy every minute of it. It is so nice to say to colleagues, customers, friends, and family that you genuinely enjoy your job.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey today and apply here.