Why we’re proud to be one of LinkedIn’s top companies

Howard Bailey

By Howard Bailey
Group Head of Resourcing

Today, I was delighted to see Centrica named in the 2019 LinkedIn Top Companies list.

Based on LinkedIn data, the list reveals the top 25 companies where UK professionals want to work – and stick around once they’re there.

We’re focusing on delivering the right tools and the environment to help our people be at their best. We want everyone to feel like they can be who they want to be at work, and we strive to provide them with the respect and flexibility they need to do so.

While we’ve still got a long way to go, we’ve made some huge strides in the right direction and I’m delighted to have them recognised in this way.

Investing in the right skills

We’re investing in innovations to help shape the future of how people live, work and move, and we need people with a huge range of diverse skills to help make this happen.
From data scientists and coding specialists to engineers and analysts – data-driven, digital and technology skills are a real priority for us.

Customer obsession is key because  this means we have people on board who can really deliver and go above and beyond for our customers.

Importantly though, it’s not just about the skills that someone arrives with – it’s also about the ones which we can help them to develop while they’re here. We’re building the next generation of talent and have a 2030 target to inspire and develop 100,000 people with essential STEM skills. We want to help people prepare for their future, whatever that might look like for them. 

Core values

Just as important as the right skillset, is having the right core values – these sit at the heart of Centrica and are essential to our success.

Our values were developed through conversations with employees across the business about what it means to be Centrica and what we need to value in order to be successful. 

We care deeply about our impact and value people who prioritise the safety and wellbeing of those around them.

We’re passionate about delivering great service and the best customer outcomes and look for individuals who subscribe to continuous improvement, learning and development.

We believe we’re best when we work as a team and look for people who enjoy collaborating and naturally seek the views and support of others. We also love people who want to share their skills and have an ambitious target to contribute over 100,000 days of volunteering by 2030.

Our industry is going through a period of rapid change and we need people with the agility to embrace this change; people who constantly seek out new ideas and opportunities to make a difference will flourish in our company.


We want our people to reflect the societies in which we work and the customers we serve. Employing such a diverse range of talent helps us to think differently and support our customers in the best ways possible.

As such, we don’t consider any experience as unusual, and our colleagues include everyone from ex-service personnel, to apprentices over the age of 60 – and even the former presenter of Brainiac!

We also have over 1,000 registered carers working across the company. In 2018, we announced a three-year partnership with Carers UK to help improve the lives of those juggling caring responsibilities with work. We offer a range of support, including paid carers' leave, the right to request flexible working and an employee-led carers’ network. 


We always look to offer the flexibility needed so that everyone can reach their full potential and can balance work with their personal lives.

For example, like many companies, we offer shared parental leave. But it’s not just about having the policy: it’s about ensuring it’s a genuine option that our people feel supported to take up.

After returning from six weeks leave, one male employee fed back: ‘The key thing for me was less the policy and more having a culture where I knew I would be able to take it. The reaction was really good. Many of my colleagues had not heard of shared parental leave but everyone supported me taking it.’

We also support our people who are forced to take a career break due to ill health. We offer phased returns to work to enable those who want to come back to do so at their own pace. One of our female employees who has bravely fought off breast cancer is currently balancing part-time working with fundraising for Cancer UK, a charity close to her heart.

I’m extremely proud of how far we’ve come and with the support of our brilliant people, look forward to seeing what we can work together to achieve in 2019.