Mentoring our Future Energy Savers

Hamish talks through some extra curricular volunteering as part of the Centrica graduate scheme

Hamish Shellard

As a Centrica Graduate you get the opportunity to participate and get involved in a number of different programmes and initiatives to take you outside your normal day job.

I have just signed up and started a really exciting scheme working as a STEM Ambassador where I am volunteering my time to help mentor some ambitious children at a local school, Magna Carta. I am working with a couple of fellow graduates, and we are acting as mentors to these children to help them to create a report on how they can assist their school in becoming more energy efficient.

As mentors, we will meet with the children on a weekly basis and use our experience to help guide their research and help them to identify ways to make their school more energy efficient. Our team is competing against other schools where we will all meet in a couple of months time for the children to present their report and explain what they would like to do. We are currently in the research phase but I am looking forward to helping them create some bright, fun and interesting posters to blow the competition away!

It is great fun working with these kids, they are so enthusiastic, have some great questions and love learning about how to save energy. They have great potential and it is a brilliant opportunity to work with these motivated and interesting children. This programme also shows Centrica’s dedication to work with future leaders and is a great opportunity as a graduate to get out the office and really make a difference.