Hive launches Hive Active Plug™ and home sensors

Hive launches Hive Active Plug™ and home sensors

Hive has launched new smart home devices to allow you to control home appliances from your phone and to keep an eye on what's going on at home even when you're not there.

A new study from Hive, a British Gas Innovation, finds the UK in the grip of ‘power paranoia’, and that more than a third (36%) of us repeatedly check that electronic devices such as hair straighteners and chargers are switched off before leaving the house.

For many, niggling doubts over switches and sockets being switched off had lasting consequences, with just under a quarter (23%) saying the resulting anxiety had ruined their day. Meanwhile, 15% of people surveyed admitted to resorting to phoning housemates and relatives to carry out checks in their absence.

As a solution to this problem, Hive has developed the Hive Active Plug™, which allows you to turn appliances on and off from wherever you are – so if you’re worried you’ve left your hair straighteners or iron on after leaving the house, you can check and switch them off from your phone. The Hive Active Plug™ also allows users to set a schedule using up to 6 time slots a day to switch electrical appliances on and off automatically, meaning you’re not wasting electricity by keeping appliances such as lights on when you don’t need them.

Conducted amongst over 2,000 UK adults, the research also found that electrical appliances aren’t the only thing slowing us down and making us fret when we’re trying to get out of the house on time. Concerns around basic home security measures afflict us too, and with good reason; one in 10 people have left the house without securely shutting the front door, 28% have left windows open and more than a third (38%) have mistakenly left lights on.

In addition to the Hive Active Plug™, Hive is also introducing the Hive Window or Door Sensor to help customers monitor what’s going on at home even when they’re not there. The wireless sensor is attached to a window or door frame, and will send an alert to your mobile, tablet or laptop via the Hive app if the window or door is open or closed.

Kassir Hussain, Director of Centrica Connected Home UK, said: “We all fit a phenomenal amount into our daily lives, not least in the mornings which can be one of the most hectic times of the day. Gadgets and appliances are intended to make our lives easier, so the fact they’re slowing us down and afflicting us with niggling doubts is a problem.

“We’ve created the Hive Active Plug™ and the Hive Window or Door Sensor to fit seamlessly into people’s lives – to give them new ways to control and monitor their homes, wherever they are. That’s the job of connected home products: to restore people’s peace of mind and provide reassurance when it’s needed most as well as providing customers with control anytime, anywhere.”

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Survey methodology

The research was conducted by Populus among 2,000 nationally representative UK adults in November 2015.

About Hive Active Heating™

Hive Active Heating™ is the first product from Hive, a British Gas innovation – the brand focused on delivering products and services that help people have more control over their homes. Hive Active Heating™ lets people control their heating and hot water via their mobile, tablet and laptop.  Of existing customers:

  • 61% say they used Hive at least once a day last winter
  • 92% say they’ve recommended it to a friend or family member
  • 98% feel more in control of their heating than ever before

Launched in October 2013 there are now more than 250,000 households across the UK using the multi-award winning product. Only Hive Active Heating™ comes with installation included by a British Gas engineer. 

You don’t need to be a British Gas customer to have Hive Active Heating™, it works no matter who supplies your energy.

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About the Hive Active Plug™

The Hive Active Plug™ lets people control appliances via their mobile, tablet and laptop, and work seamlessly with the Hive home Hub and app.

About the Hive Window or Door Sensor

The Hive Window or Door Sensor is a wireless contact sensor that can be fitted to windows, door frames, cupboard doors and drawers. People can choose to be notified if these are open or closed via their mobile, tablet and laptop as the Hive Window or Door Sensor works seamlessly with the Hive home Hub and app.

About the Hive Motion Sensor

The Hive Motion Sensors is a wireless passive infra-red (PIR) motion sensor that will detect motion in a space – specifically moving people. Users can be notified of moving people remotely via their mobile, tablet and laptop as the Hive Motion Sensor works seamlessly with the Hive home Hub and app.