Centrica wins Oil & Gas UK award

Centrica wins Oil & Gas UK award

Centrica's innovative efforts to work together with its supply chain partners and extend the life of the North Sea has been recognised by the new industry regulator.

The Hackathon – an event hosted by Centrica earlier this year to bring together more than 70 contractors and find new, collaborative ways of working – received an inaugural Oil & Gas Authority Maximising Economic Recovery (MER) UK Award.

The award, which was presented at the annual Oil & Gas UK Awards in Aberdeen, celebrates the companies and teams which are tackling the challenges the UK Continental Shelf faces head on, to make sure the region has a successful future for years to come.

The Hackathon, which was held earlier this year, focused on projects stuck in the pipeline and was an opportunity to share knowledge, experience and capabilities. Ideas generated at the event have since allowed several projects to go ahead, while Centrica has shared the format and learning with fellow operators to make sure the benefits are felt across the industry.

Myrtle Dawes, Projects and Decommissioning Director, received the award on Centrica’s behalf. She said: “We hosted the Hackathon because we understand that this sector needs to truly work together to see us through these challenging times.

“The ideas we and our supply chain partners generated will allow projects worth tens of millions of pounds to go ahead and help maximise the North Sea’s remaining potential. We are delighted to receive this award, which is recognition for everyone’s hard work during and after the Hackathon to make those projects a reality and share our knowledge with the rest of the industry.”