British Gas customers to get free six-monthly tariff ‘MOT’

British Gas has introduced ‘Tariff Check' – a personalised half-yearly review for each customer, using their actual energy consumption

British Gas customers are set to benefit from an energy account check-up every six months. British Gas, the nation’s largest energy supplier, has introduced ‘Tariff Check’ – a personalised half-yearly review for each customer, using their actual energy consumption1. Customers will be told if they could save money by moving to a different British Gas deal.

British Gas is the first major supplier to offer this service to customers, and will be contacting 10 million customers about ‘Tariff Check’ over the next 10 weeks.

British Gas customers don’t need to register for ‘Tariff Check’ as British Gas will automatically add a tailored ‘Tariff Check’ to the ‘Can I save money?’ section of customers’ bills2.

As well as making sure customers are aware of other British Gas deals that could reduce their bills, British Gas will be flagging to customers other ways to save – including: insulation and energy efficiency measures; the EnergySmartTM online toolkit with free electricity monitor; and Nectar points, which can be earned by all British Gas customers.

Ian Peters, Managing Director of Residential Energy at British Gas, said: “We know that household budgets are under pressure and people need to find ways to cut costs. And I also know from speaking to customers they are often short of time. That’s why we’ve introduced ‘Tariff Check’, helping our customers by doing the research and hard work on their energy account for them, and clearly setting out ways to save – including moving to a different tariff if it will be cheaper for them.”

The British Gas ‘Tariff Check’ is the latest commitment from British Gas to make buying energy simple, transparent and fair for customers. Last year, British Gas simplified its tariff structure and its bills. ‘Tariff Check’ now allows customers to benefit from a personalised review and tailored advice every six months.

Customers who want to take advantage of the opportunity to change to a better British Gas deal can make changes to their accounts and tariffs on the British Gas website, or they can contact British Gas via the freephone number on their bill.


  1. ‘Tariff Check’ will be provided to all customers who have been with British Gas for more than a year, as one year’s consumption data is needed to determine the best-value tariff for an individual customer; customers who have been with the company for less than a year will instead receive advice on how to reduce their energy bill; a small number of customers trialling the off-peak saver three-rate time of use tariff will not be eligible for ‘Tariff Check’
  2. Customers who manage their accounts online will be sent an email with a link to the British Gas website where they can view their options and Pay As You Go Energy customers will receive their ‘Tariff Check’ on their annual statements