Centrica top global utility company for carbon disclosure

Centrica has been ranked the top global utility in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index's ‘Global 500' (FTSE Equity Global Index Series)

The Carbon Disclosure Project, which aims to support investors in incorporating climate change risks into their investment strategy, scored Centrica as the 13th best company globally for disclosing its exposure to carbon risk, and first amongst the world's utilities.

The Index assesses the actions taken by individual companies to manage greenhouse gas emissions. It shows that some companies, such as Centrica, will be well placed to exploit the transition to a low carbon economy, whilst other companies will see their value diminish if they fail to adapt.

In its report, the Index refers to Centrica as being a business ‘that can adapt best to the challenge of climate change will be best placed to continue providing reliable and relevant services in an environment of physical, regulatory, and commercial change'.

"Simon Henderson, Centrica's Director of Corporate Responsibility, said: "Part of Centrica's investment programme is focused on producing low carbon energy within our upstream asset portfolio, whilst helping our customers reduce their usage through the installation of residential energy efficient technologies. This ranking is recognition that Centrica is well placed to prosper from these investments in a low carbon economy."




For more information about the Carbon Disclosure Project, visit www.cdproject.net.