Our Responsible
Business Ambitions

Helping you run your world
in ever more sustainable ways

At Centrica, we know that energy is at the very heart of homes, businesses and communities, and has huge potential to contribute to a more sustainable world.

We take this responsibility very seriously, and that’s why we’re on a mission to accelerate the positive impact we have in society and on the environment. We call it Ambition 203015 goals that help you run your world in ever more sustainable ways.

These are our Ambitions to 2030:

  • Delivering for our customers
  • Enabling all our customers to use energy more sustainably
  • Building the workforce of the future
  • Creating stronger communities

Our Ambitions include helping to tackle climate change, building a more inclusive and skilled workforce, innovating to help make our customers’ lives easier and helping to make communities stronger.

We have a long journey ahead of us – but one that promises to maximise our positive impact and help to create a more sustainable world.

Enabling all our customers to use energy more sustainably

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges the world faces today – and we believe that the energy sector is at the forefront of the need to respond in creating a cleaner, greener world.

The greatest contribution we can make to tackling climate change is by helping our customers reduce their carbon emissions. That’s why we’re committed to helping our customers cut their emissions by 25% to be in line with the Paris Accord. We aim to achieve this by directly contributing 3% through products and services that encourage more sustainable energy usage, and by indirectly enabling a cleaner energy system and influencing policy change.

We also want to enable a cleaner energy system that supports renewables, reduces reliance on fossil fuels, and enhances grid flexibility. To this end, we want to deliver 7GW of flexible, distributed and low carbon technologies globally – that’s the equivalent of 10% of current UK peak demand.

And lastly, we want to lead by example by reducing our internal carbon footprint by 35% by 2025 and develop a path to net zero by 2050.

Find out more about our Ambition for tackling Climate Change.

Building the workforce of the future

By 2020, 35% of the skills needed for jobs will change. Tomorrow’s jobs will require new skills, and we want to equip our colleagues with vital future-facing capabilities, and at the same time bring through the next generation.

That’s why we’re focusing on building essential STEM skills. We want to help 100,000 people develop in this area, double our female STEM recruits by 2030 to 40%, and inspire the next generation to explore STEM careers.

We also want to ensure that our workforce is equipped for the societal challenges ahead and that it’s truly representative of the world around us. 

This is particularly true of the challenges posed by an ageing population, so we want to help one million carers stay in or return to work by 2030.

We’ll achieve this by continuing to improve our carer-friendly policies and culture and, in partnership with Carers UK, we’ll advocate for the introduction of statutory carers leave. 

Finally, we’re creating a workplace in which the most talented individuals reach the top professions, whatever their age, gender or background. Our Ambition is for our senior leadership teams to reflect the full diversity of our communities and the customers they serve by 2030.

Find out more about our Ambition for Colleagues.

Creating stronger communities

We’re at the forefront of shaping a new energy future – more local, more flexible and with more power for communities to take control of their energy and generate, manage and use it themselves.

The acceleration of digital and decentralised technologies means this transformation is gaining pace and can help strengthen communities by increasing resilience, reducing environmental impact and unlocking energy savings.

We aim to deliver £5 billion of benefit to businesses through energy efficiency savings and optimisation services by 2030, building stronger, more resilient communities.

Within this, we plan to deliver £300 million to public and essential services – so that they can keep investing more in the things that really matter.

At the same time, our resources and reach, enables us to make a meaningful difference and tackle enduring social issues in our local communities.

We want to encourage our people to volunteer over 100,000 days and collaborate to support 2,500 young people not in education and employment to develop their skills.

Find out more about our Ambition for Communities.

Delivering for our customers

We know our customers want products and services that help to make their lives easier in today’s always on-the-go society, and we’re committed to making that happen.

Our connected home and distributed energy solutions are already helping customers understand and manage their energy better – but we also want to meet our customers’ broader needs.

We’ve started this journey by looking at connected care with Hive Link, helping carers know their loved ones are OK if they can’t be with them.

We plan to give our customers even more peace of mind, help them understand and manage their energy better and deliver solutions to help them run their world. We’ll do this by investing £1.7 billion in developing capabilities across our Connected Home and Distributed Energy & Power business, while investing £100 million in Centrica Innovations by 2030 – exploring new technologies and ideas to transform the way our customers live, work and move.

All the time, we’re continuing the digital transformation of our business, so our customers can contact us and receive an excellent service in ways that work for them.

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