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  • British Gas is on a mission to lower household emissions by adding to its existing net zero offering with solar and battery installations, insulation, home checks and a new EV charger
  • New Home Health Check service will help consumers make changes to their homes to save on bills and plans to provide free support for those struggling with energy costs
  • British Gas to train 3,500 engineers to deliver its net zero targets.

British Gas today announces new services in solar, home energy efficiency, insulation and electric vehicles to help customers accelerate their journey to decarbonise their home and save on energy bills. These are in addition to the existing heat pump price guarantee and next-gen smart home Hive technology which allows customers to manage their energy usage and save on bills.

"We are on a mission to help consumers lower their household energy bills, whilst at the same time reducing their carbon emissions."

Andrew Middleton, Managing Director of Net Zero at British Gas

The announcement follows research by British Gas which reveals that almost four in five people (78%) say that they are willing to make changes in their own homes to tackle climate change. In fact, among homeowners, almost half (48%) said they were willing to install improved insulation in the next two years and 42% said they’d be willing to install solar panels. Electric vehicles also saw some support from consumers with 35% willing to install a home charger to power an EV.

British Gas has launched a new business unit whose sole mission will be to support customers with the journey to net zero by helping them become more energy efficient. British Gas has the largest energy engineering workforce in the country and will be hiring and training 3,500 engineers with new green skills. These are the engineers who will install and maintain the electric vehicle charge points, insulation, solar panels, hydrogen ready boilers, heat pumps and more that will be needed to deliver Net Zero in the UK.

 Andrew Middleton, Managing Director of Net Zero at British Gas says:

“We are on a mission to help consumers lower their household energy bills, whilst at the same time reducing their carbon emissions. We recognise that many households are being cautious with their spending currently but want to make sure the right products are there for those who can make these changes - and we want to do all we can to make greener home solutions more affordable and accessible so that no one is left behind.

“With the UK’s largest network of energy experts, we are uniquely placed to guide customers and equip them with actionable insights on how to manage energy consumption. Our trusted engineers are already giving our customers energy efficiency advice at every appointment and have installed over 8,000 electric car charging points and over 2,300 heat pumps. Our expert teams have helped improve the insulation of millions of properties and support solar panel installations around the country each day.”

The four new energy efficiency products that British Gas is announcing today:

1. Solar installations

British Gas will be offering free home consultations for solar panel installations and option to install a battery as well. According to the British Gas Net Zero Homes Index, the British public are strongly supportive of continuing this transition. 87% of the public said they supported building more solar power.

Tailored to customers’ energy usage and their home, a survey will give estimated costs, savings and installation options without any commitment. The installations will be completed 2-4 days after the work starts and will be able to save customers up to 90% on electricity costs. From today, customers will be able to register their interest in Solar PV on the British Gas website to arrange a site visit.

2. Home Health Check

The new British Gas Home Health Check provides consumers with the most comprehensive energy efficiency check on the market. The 90-minute in-home consultation will provide customers with a personalised action plan to help them decarbonise their home and reduce their energy bills.

The full report will include a thorough investigation of the entire property including radiators’ efficiency and thermal imagery to show where heat escapes. Recommendations will include smaller lifestyle changes such as bleeding radiators or flushing systems and larger changes such as installing heat pumps or investing in insulation.

The findings will also advise how to access the Government support and grants available. British Gas supports customers who are struggling with energy efficiency measures through its ECO schemes and the British Gas Energy Trust and will be providing further support through an energy efficiency fund.

3. Hive EV Charging

A new and improved Hive Electric Vehicle charger will be available later this month. It will be one of the smallest chargers in the market and electric vehicle owners across the UK will now be able to access best-in-class technology with the Hive platform and app.

British Gas is partnering with EO Charging to build the chargers which will be installed by British Gas engineers and backed by a 3-year warranty. British Gas energy customers with the new charger will be able to benefit from a new SmartCharge service which enables you to charge off-peak and get rewarded for charging your car in a cheaper and greener way. In British Gas trials EV customers save around 20% from their electricity bills with the SmartCharge add-on whilst helping to balance demand on the grid.

4. Insulation

One of the most straightforward and effective changes that many homes will need is better insulation. British Gas currently help insulate over 300,000 homes a year under the ECO scheme but as of today, British Gas opens the service up to all customers who are able to register for the new service and to find out first when it will be available within their area.

British Gas experts can help with anything from loft to cavity insulation, enabling customers to find the right solution for their home. Around 25% of the heat loss in the home happens through the roof and about 35% through the walls. That means investing in good-quality insulation can really lower energy bills in the long term.

More information: Greener homes - British Gas


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