Pam Kaur

Non-executive Director

Pam Kaur

Pam was appointed Non-Executive Director and joined the Board on 1 February 2019.

Skills and experience:

Pam has extensive experience in audit, business, compliance, finance and risk management, having previously held various senior roles at global financial institutions including Citigroup, Lloyds TSB, the Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Bank, and has worked with regulators and supervisory boards across the world. Pam has an MBA in finance and a BCom (Hons) from Panjab University in India and is a qualified chartered accountant.

External appointments:

A Group Managing Director and Head of Wholesale Market and Credit Risk at HSBC Holdings plc.


Our Non-Executive Directors, through their diverse experience and skills, scrutinise the performance of management and constructively challenge and help develop our strategy.  They uphold high standards of integrity and probity.  They form the Audit, Nominations, Remuneration and SHESEC Committees.

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