Electric Vehicle Services

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Are you ready for the EV revolution?

Improvements in technology, government incentives and low operating costs mean that electric vehicles (EVs) are an increasingly attractive option for drivers and businesses with fleets.

By 2030, it’s estimated that there will be 5.6 million EVs driving to work every day but with 40% of UK homes having no access to off-street parking, the question of where to charge these vehicles is looming large.

"76% of EV drivers are looking for more conveniently-located charging solutions."

At Centrica, we believe that workplace charge points will be essential to enabling e-mobility and have developed an intelligent EV charging service for businesses that is hassle-free, low cost, and fully managed. It’s a solution that is suitable for any sized business, from start-ups to blue chip corporates, and with 4,000 workplace installations under our belt, we believe we’re a natural partner to work with.

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The electric vehicle revolution is coming. Is your business ready?

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What you get...


Ownership of state-of-the-art equipment.


Installation by our experienced engineers.


Option to bill individual users for charging.


Full monthly reporting on electricity usage.


Ongoing care and maintenance at no extra cost.

Drivers will benefit from access to a self-service portal that gives total control over their EV charging needs, from managing their account and setting payment plans (assuming you don’t want them to charge for free), to planning tools that help to identify, reserve and navigate to their next charging point.

"25% of drivers will consider an EV next time they buy a car."

Intelligence and Scalability

As part of the Centrica Group, we are uniquely positioned to offer businesses a range of strategic services alongside EV charging - including on-site generation, energy storage, and other flexibility services through our Distributed Energy & Power business, Centrica Business Solutions.

In line with this, our intelligent software system has been designed to integrate with your business’ energy management systems to control and optimise power output to chargers in line with site energy demand and costs. It can also connect to fleet telematics systems to prioritise charging in line with dispatch patterns so vehicles are fully charged when they are needed.

Even better, our EV charging solution has been designed to be fully scalable as your EV charging needs grow so it’s easy to start small and build up when you’re good and ready.

We can help you with:

  • Flexible financing and payment options
  • Advice on HMRC benefit-in-kind rules and OLEV rebates (up to £6,000)
  • Insights on carbon and energy use data
  • Advice on how to integrate EV charging into your site energy strategy
  • Support for managing site capacity issues
  • Materials to engage employees and help retain top talent