Qayyim Khan, Analyst Stream

Joined: October 2019

Stream: Analyst

Studied: Chemical Engineering BEng Hons, University of Strathclyde

Current Placement: Energy Pricing Analyst UK Home

Why I chose Centrica: I studied Chemical Engineering due to my interest in the energy industry however I realised I no longer wanted to be an engineer. Centrica has allowed me to pursue my interest and apply my skills and knowledge that I have developed throughout my degree. Centrica is also a great place to develop oneself across a variety of different and interlinked business units each with a different focus and skillset.

What I enjoy most about my work: My current role is very fast paced with lots of variety and change. I was given responsibility of a project and multiple BAU tasks from the beginning allowing me to add value for the team and stakeholders immediately. Interacting with others to gain information or to provide my own insight has been an aspect I have enjoyed.

Highlight of the grad scheme so far: Results from my project are being implemented resulting in change driven by my work as well as working within a really great environment.  

Advice to applicants:  Understand the current energy industry, be passionate about joining and draw upon your experiences and knowledge. Centrica is a place where you add value as well as also learn and develop yourself.

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