Florian Forster, Analyst EM&T Graduate Stream

Joined: 2017

Stream: Analyst - Energy Marketing & Trading

Studied: Chemical Engineering at the University of Manchester

Current role: Global LNG Operations, London

Why I chose Centrica: I already had some experience of the energy industry, having completed a year-long work placement in an oil refinery. So I was very interested in joining a big utility company that was in the process of adapting to the energy transition. What I especially like about Centrica is how serious the company is about the role it plays in society.

What I enjoy about my work: I love the how I need to approach my tasks from so many different angles, be it commercial, legal or technical. For instance, I need to interpret contracts to evaluate the deal correctly, use technical data to build a model and translate the model into a working program

Advice to applicants: Show your enthusiasm for the energy industry and the challenges it faces. Then, make sure you understand Centrica’s strategy to face those challenges and what we do to deliver low cost energy with minimum environmental impact.

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