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Supporting our people and partners

Quality relationships with our people and partners helps evolve how we do business and determine our long-term success.

People and Partners Performance 2015


How we are creating a great place to work

We aim to create a rewarding, fulfilling and inclusive place to work. This helps us to attract and retain the talent and skills we need to be a successful and sustainable business. For more information see our Life at Centrica page.

Developing skills

We must secure skills that satisfy our customers’ changing needs while helping our people fulfil their potential.

  • Developing apprentices and technical skills: we are one of the UK's largest apprenticeship providers and employers of gas engineers and British Gas' network of academies provides our apprentices and engineers with the latest technical skills to install boilers, smart meters and energy efficiency products. In North America, Direct Energy is training their own heating and air conditioning technicians to help address the national skills shortage for energy-related technicians.
  • Training the talent of tomorrow: we want to provide opportunities for young people and we do so by raising awareness of future career paths and offering employment opportunities through our graduate programme and summer placements. We promote science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skills among young people through apprenticeships and graduate placements in our power, exploration and production business. British Gas' Generation Green programme for schools encourages students to learn about sustainable energy and inspires the next generation of energy innovators.
British Gas Apprenticeships


How we are delivering positive impacts in our communities

As a global company working primarily in the UK, North America and the Republic of Ireland, we can make a significant contribution to local economies and use our expertise to help tackle some of the biggest problems in society, such as fuel poverty and unemployment.

We recognise the important role we can play in supporting people who need help with their energy bills through direct support, mandatory government programmes and charity partnerships for example:

To learn more about the positive impact we are having in  UK, read British Gas’ Community Brochure  Download now


How we are creating positive economic impact

Centrica economic impact

Download Infographic


How we are creating positive social impact

We are investing in Energy Entrepreneurs that have positive social impacts through Ignite, the UK’s first corporate impact investment fund focused on energy. Backed by Centrica, Ignite will invest £10m over the next 10 years and use our people’s expertise to enhance the impact of social enterprises.

Watch our video and explore our infographic  to learn more about the positive social impacts of our Ignite fund.

Download Ignite Infographic

Ignite: UK's 1st Social Impact Investment Fund


How we are managing our supply chain

We spend billions of pounds annually with thousands of suppliers, mostly in the UK and North America. The risks associated with these different types of suppliers are diverse and vary considerably depending on where they are based. 

Managing risks in our supply chain
  • Communicating our standards to suppliers through our responsible procurement programme - we use CR clauses in contracts to ensure suppliers are contractually obliged to meet our standards as set out by our Procurement and Corporate Responsibility Policy for Suppliers and our ABC Policy for Suppliers. See below.
  • Working with suppliers to improve performance - through a partnership with EcoVadis, we require strategic suppliers to undergo corporate responsibility assessments to help us identify risks and engage suppliers to implement processes that will improve operating standards.
  • Monitoring supplier compliance - if a supplier is found to be non-compliant with our CR clauses, we agree remediation plans and work with them to achieve the high standards that we expect. We reserve the right to terminate a contract if suppliers fail to implement the improvement plans we recommend.

Download Procurement and Corporate Responsibility Policy for Suppliers

Download ABC Policy for Suppliers

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