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Securing energy to fuel society

The world of energy is changing and we must adapt to it by sourcing and optimising energy supplies that satisfy the changing needs of our customers, while minimising negative social and environmental impacts. We do this by sourcing and trading gas to heat and power our customers’ homes and businesses, while also providing innovative products and services that give customers greater choice and control over their energy. 

Energy Security Performance 2015


How we are evolving our energy supply

Gas remains an important part of our strategy because it is one of the most affordable energy sources for heating homes and running businesses, is the lowest carbon fossil fuel and backs-up intermittent renewable energy.

We continue to be a sizeable producer of gas and oil, although we are reducing the scale of our oil and gas Exploration & Production (E&P) business in favour of our customer-facing activities. We have also taken the decision to sell our wind farms by the end of 2017, although we will continue to enable the development of other operators’ wind projects through a limited number of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

Concerns about energy security are less prevalent in North America, where vast domestic energy reserves can be drawn on following its revolution in the extraction of natural gas from shale. The UK, on the other hand, is a net importer of gas and reliance on imports is increasing. To meet this challenge we continue to explore the potential of natural gas from shale through our 25% stake in the Bowland exploration licence operated by Cuadrilla Resources. 

Explore our infographic below to find out more about shale gas extraction. 

Shale Gas Infographic

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Download our guide for more information on shale gas and fracking.

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Find out more about Centrica's operating principles for onshore natural gas exploration and extraction. 

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Revolutionising energy supply

We have established a global Distributed Energy & Power (DE&P) business to revolutionise the traditional, centralised way of generating and supplying energy. We will give large scale energy users such as businesses and hospitals the ability to take control of their energy and use it more intelligently to reduce, generate and manage it themselves.

Watch our video on Distributed Energy.

Distributed Energy Explained

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