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Putting customers in control of their energy use

New technology is radically changing the way people manage energy and we are leading the way. We are investing in our capability to provide innovative products that give customers greater insight and choice over how they use and save energy.

Connected Home

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Controlling energy on the move

Hive Active Heating

AlertMe provides the technology platform which underpins Hive Active Heating™, by British Gas. The cutting-edge device allows customers to control and set preferences for their heating wherever they are, using mobile devices. As a result, 96% of Hive users say they feel more in control of their heating, while 70% said it helped them make energy savings.


How Smart Meters work

Smart meters show customers real-time data on their energy use, enabling them to make more informed choices. With automated meter readings, customers also benefit from accurate billing rather than estimates.

In North America, we are not responsible for the roll-out of smart meters, but we strongly advocate for wider adoption to encourage more competitive and transparent energy markets


Direct Energy: Engaging communities in the future of energy

Direct Energy uses smart meters to provide time-of-use plans such as Free Power Days, which offer reduced costs to customers for using energy at times of lower demand. We are collaborating with manufacturers to create other smart products that will improve management of the energy grid.

For more information on how we are helping our customers live smarter please see our Smarter living pages.

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