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Investing in customer service excellence

We are committed to setting high standards of customer service and we recognise the need to improve our performance. We are investing in training for our people and upgrading our systems to provide a better experience and reduce complaints.

Using Social Media to improve customer service



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We are continuing to invest in new billing and customer service systems and training additional customer service advisors. We are also developing innovative ways to offer extra support, from addressing customer service queries through social media and mobile apps, to providing 'how to' videos on basic central heating maintenance.

We monitor customer satisfaction by using net promoter scores (NPS), which measures a customer's willingness to recommend us. NPS scores enable us to compare our performance to direct competitors in each market and with our own performance year-on-year. View our latest scores in our data centre.



We track the volume of complaints across all our businesses and are working hard to reduce them.

In the UK, complaints that we cannot resolve internally are escalated to the Ombudsman Services: Energy, which acts as an independent arbitrator. We are supportive of more transparency of customer complaints and provide information on complaints procedures on our website, in our literature, and through a quarterly complaints report.

In North America, there is no centralised Ombudsman, but Direct Energy monitors volumes of complaints made to local regulators, Better Business Bureaus, media outlets and through other external channels, as well as complaints reported directly by our customers.

See our data centre or 2014 CR Performance Review for further information on complaints.

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