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Supporting changing customer needs

Energy can be complex but we are making it easier to understand and control, while ensuring support for those most in need.

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How we are innovating for smarter energy use

New technology is radically changing the way people manage energy and we are leading the way. We provide innovative products and services to give our customers greater understanding and control over their energy, helping them use less of what we sell and lower their energy bills.

Explore our Connected Home infographic and visit our Hive Home website to learn more about our range of smart products and services.

Connected Home

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Every household receives energy bills but not enough people understand their costs or how to reduce them. Explore our infographics below to understand the costs that make up your energy bills and what your average daily energy consumption looks like.

Your energy bill explained

Bill Explained

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We regularly review our energy prices to ensure they remain competitive and let UK customers know whether they could save money by moving to a different British Gas tariff on every bill we send to them and via our online tariff checker. We have also eliminated all cancellation fees from switching between tariffs.


Your energy consumption explained 

Average Daily Consumption

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How we are helping those who need support

We recognise our role to help government support vulnerable people with their energy needs. We are working across sectors and have formed strategic partnerships that deliver invaluable debt advice and financial support for those who need it most.

Explore our infographic below to understand how we are helping those who need support.

Helping Vulnerable Customers

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How we are improving customer service

Customers are at the heart of our business and we recognise the need to strengthen our relationship with them by improving our service. We are continuing to invest in new billing and customer service systems and training additional customer service advisors. We are also developing innovative ways to offer extra support, from addressing customer service queries through social media and mobile apps, to providing 'how to' videos on basic central heating maintenance.

We monitor customer satisfaction by using net promoter scores (NPS), which measures a customer's willingness to recommend us. NPS scores enable us to compare our performance to direct competitors in each market and with our own performance year-on-year. View our latest scores in our data centre.

How we are working to reduce complaints

We track the volume of complaints across all our businesses and are working hard to reduce them.

In the UK, complaints that we cannot resolve internally are escalated to the Ombudsman Services: Energy, which acts as an independent arbitrator. We are supportive of more transparency of customer complaints and provide information on complaints procedures on our website, in our literature, and through a quarterly complaints report.

In North America, there is no centralised Ombudsman, but Direct Energy monitors volumes of complaints made to local regulators, Better Business Bureaus, media outlets and through other external channels, as well as complaints reported directly by our customers.

See our data centre or for further information on complaints.

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