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Building strong communities

We are increasing the positive impact our presence has in society by working with communities to address key issues, while contributing to the local economy.


How we're supporting local communities - infographic - Centrica
How we're supporting local communities - infographic - Centrica


As a global company with 33,000 employees, we have the resources and reach to make a significant contribution to communities. Through programmes and partnerships, we are working across sectors for a better future – whether it's helping those in need with their energy bills or tackling bad housing and homelessness.

Making a Difference in Communities
Making a difference to communities - infographic - Centrica


Through our Distributed Energy & Power business, we are exploring the potential for local energy markets to put communities in control of their energy. Key to this is the £19 million local energy market trial in Cornwall, UK. The trial will test how communities can benefit from flexible demand, generation and storage which will also reduce pressure on the grid, enable growth in renewables and avoid expensive network upgrades.


With a presence in over 20 countries, we generate millions in taxes, spend billions on goods and services and support thousands of jobs on a global scale. Moreover, our energy and services not only fuel society but unlock new sources of revenue. If just 50% of the UK’s Industry, Healthcare and Hospitality and Leisure sectors utilised distributed energy solutions, they could save £980 million on energy bills and drive £18.5 billion in economic gross value add.


We do business with integrity to ensure we maximise the positive impact we have in society while mitigating potential adverse impacts. From human rights to anti-bribery and corruption, our commitment to do business responsibly is set out in Our Code and as signatories to the United Nations Global Compact.  We also ensure high social, ethical and environmental standards in the products and services we buy.

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