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Safeguarding the environment

As well as tackling climate change, we effectively manage our wider environmental impact. We monitor, manage and seek to reduce our water use, waste production and ecological impact.


We recognise that water availability is an increasingly significant issue for global stakeholders and we are committed to increasing the visibility of our water footprint, as well as reducing our water impact through robust environmental management.

Water, however, remains a non-material risk for our business because, for a company our size and within our sector, we consume a relatively small amount of water and do not operate water-intensive activities in water-stressed areas.

To improve the visibility of our water footprint and show how we effectively manage our impact, we participate in CDP’s Water Disclosure Project. In 2017, we maintained our place on CDP’s Water A List.

See our data centre for more information on our water use. 


We have processes and controls in place across our business to effectively manage and mitigate the waste we produce.

See our data centre for more information on our waste management.


Air emissions

We aim to reduce the amount of air pollutants across our operations. The combustion of natural gas in power generation releases pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, Sulphur dioxide and particulate matter that can impact air quality.

See our data centre to view our performance.


Although our impact on biodiversity is not a material issue for us as a company, we recognise our responsibility to manage the impacts of our operations, particularly in our energy sourcing and generating activities where the potential impact on biodiversity is greatest.

We are committed to conducting environmental impact assessments and developing action plans that where possible, involve our employees and local communities. 

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