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How we do business

Our approach to Corporate Responsibility helps improve how we do business and satisfy the changing needs of our customers. 

We are building stronger relationships with key stakeholders that enable us to become a better corporate citizen and an employer of choice, with the capabilities necessary to deliver excellent service in a safe and responsible way. We are also making an important contribution to address big issues in society: from energy pricing and vulnerability to energy security and climate change.

Our role in context

Explore the Energy Challenge infographic below to see the different stakeholder views on the importance of lower carbon, secure and affordable energy and where we are focusing our efforts.

The Energy Challenge


Our key issues

We use our ‘materiality’ criteria to prioritise our key issues of focus. This helps us to manage our impacts and stakeholder relationships effectively and to focus our resources, engagement and reporting activities by addressing those issues that matter most to our stakeholders and to us. See our materiality matrix below to understand how we prioritise these issues.

Materiality Matrix 2016

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Reporting and managing our progress

How we report

Rather than publish all information in one document, at one time, we report throughout the year via our Corporate Responsibility Performance Update, case studies and our data centre of non-financial performance metrics. Explore our performance using the tiles at the bottom of the page.

We use external guidelines and frameworks, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), to inform our reporting although we do not explicitly base our report on any individual guidance.

How we govern our programmes

We are currently reviewing the governance of our Corporate Responsibility programme to better-reflect our new corporate strategy and direction and will look to update this later in 2016.

How we assure our metrics

For the sixth consecutive year, Deloitte LLP conducted external assurance of selected performance indicators in our CR Performance Update 2015. Deloitte used the International Standard on Assurance Engagements ISAE 3000 (Revised) to provide limited assurance on fourteen non-financial key performance indicators (KPIs). A table of the assured KPIs are available in the CR Performance Update 2015. Our Basis of Reporting outlines the scope of the assured metrics and Deloitte LLP’s associated assurance statement is available in Our Performance

Reports and Downloads
Corporate Responsibility Performance 2015
Data Centre