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Our Corporate Responsibility governance structure

Good governance through clearly defined roles and responsibilities and a framework for discussion and action is essential to deliver stability and growth for customers, employees, shareholders and wider stakeholders.

CR Governance Structure

CR Governance

CR Governance Roles


The Centrica Board has ultimate accountability for CR across the business.

Corporate Responsibility Committee

Our Corporate Responsibility Committee (CRC) oversees the implementation of our CR strategy and activities on behalf of the board.

CR Advisory Group

The CR Advisory Group (CRAG) is an advisory body made up of external stakeholders providing feedback and advice to the CRC.

Centrica Executive Committee

The Centrica Executive Committee (CEC) is responsible for approving strategy and policy for CR across the business.

Group CR Team

The Group team is responsible for global CR strategy and reporting progress against our social and environmental commitments.

CR teams within our business

We have dedicated CR teams in the UK and North America working alongside our Group CR team to implement CR strategy and address social and environmental impacts in each business area.

Please see our 2014 Annual Report for more information on our approach to risk management and our internal audit process.

Our most material social and environmental issues are incorporated into our Principal Risks and Uncertainties section in the 2014 Annual Report and Accounts.


For the fifth year, Deloitte LLP conducted the external assurance of selected performance indicators in our CR Performance Review. Deloitte used International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) 3000 to provide limited assurance on twelve non-financial key performance indicators.

See a table of the assured key performance indicators, in the 2014 CR Performance Review.

Our Basis of Reporting outlines the scope of the assured metrics along with Deloitte's assurance statement.

DNV GL Business Assurance Services UK Limited also provided external assurance of our Scope 3 indirect product carbon emissions. To evaluate the emissions data, DNV GL used GRI’s Principles for Defining Report Quality and the WBCSD GHG Reporting Protocol. Further details on scope and methodology are provided in the DNV GL's assurance statement.

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