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As an energy company, Centrica has a crucial role to play in addressing climate change.

The energy industry is at the fore of some of the biggest issues faced by society today – affordability, energy security and climate change.  Customers' energy use accounts for nearly 95% of the total carbon emissions associated with our business. Solutions that benefit the customer and the environment as well as the industry will help us meet these shared challenges.

British Gas estimate that on average, £1 in every £4 spent on heating bills in the UK is wasted due to poor insulation

The UK Government has established a number of energy efficiency schemes to tackle this issue.  The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) requires energy suppliers to improve the energy efficiency of homes, particularly low income households.  In 2014, British Gas committed £468m towards ECO and installed more than 282,000 measures, such as solid and cavity wall insulation, district heating and boilers.

The Green Deal scheme also helps people spread the cost of renewable and energy efficiency products via instalments on their energy bills or through a grant.  British Gas helped over 4,500 households do this in 2014.


Emissions saved due to products and efficiency measures installed by British Gas in UK homes and businesses since 2010 

Since 2010, British Gas has helped customers in the UK save over 13mtCO2e – equivalent to the average annual emissions of 2.6m UK homes.

Customer Carbon Savings


Empowering consumers to understand and manage their energy use

Giving customers the tools they need to reduce the amount of energy they use can help cut carbon emissions and save money as well as reducing strain on energy supplies.

Putting customers in control

Innovative technology such as Hive Active Heating™, allows customers to control and set preferences for their heating wherever they are, using mobile devices. As a result, 96% of Hive users say they feel more in control of their heating, while 70% said it helped them make energy savings.

Smart meters have the power to change people’s habits

A recent British Gas experiment found that participants used 6% less gas and 7% less electricity than similar homes without smart meters, simply by being more aware of their energy use.  This represents an average saving of up to £66 a year.

Smart meters show customers real-time data on their energy use, enabling them to make more informed choices. With automated meter readings, customers also benefit from accurate billing rather than estimates.


In power generation, Centrica has one of the lowest carbon footprints of the major UK energy companies

Centrica maintains interests in low carbon power generation through existing nuclear, wind and gas-fired assets.  As the lowest carbon fossil fuel, gas provides the flexibility to back-up intermittent generation such as wind and will remain an important part of the fuel mix as more wind power comes online.

Power Sector Emissions

Learn more about our fuel mix.


Reducing our carbon footprint

Centrica is continually working to reduce carbon emissions from its offices, fleet and travel.  In 2014, the internal carbon footprint of our core businesses was 80,288tCO2e. This represents a reduction of over 25% from 2007, exceeding our 20% target for 2015.

Read more in our Responsibility section.

Measurement and transparency in reporting of environmental impacts is critical to tackling climate change

In 2014, Centrica was awarded an ‘A’ performance by the CDP for the positive action taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated through our operations, by its customers and in its supply chain.

Centrica achieved 100 out of 100 for transparent disclosure and strong data management of climate change information.

Measuring our impacts is key to understanding and acting upon them.

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