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We are an energy and services company.

Everything we do is focused on satisfying the changing needs of our customers. 



Our strategy is about satisfying the changing needs of our customers. Serving our customers is what we are known for, what we are good at and where we have distinctive capabilities.

Our focus for long-term growth is on five areas:

Energy Supply

  • Supplying Energy to our residential and business customers is central to Centrica. We have strong brands, and our customers are supported by dedicated and caring teams.
  • We will grow our Energy Supply business by improving customer service, developing the right offers to retain and win customers, and improving efficiency across all our businesses.

Energy Services

  • We have a distinctive and leading Services capability through our team of 12,000 engineers and technicians on the ground in all our geographies.
  • We will grow Services through developing new products to meet our customers’ changing needs.

Distributed Energy and Power

  • Distributed Energy is an important area for growth. Centrica has the energy expertise to deliver what our commercial and industrial customers need, including energy efficiency, flexible generation, energy management systems, and integrating future technology offerings such as battery storage.
  • We will maintain a more focused Central Power Generation business and combine its capabilities to create a new Distributed Energy and Power team.

The Connected Home

  • Connected Home products, like our smart thermostat and other devices in the home, are increasingly important to our customers. Centrica has strong capability in this area with the people and the technology to succeed.
  • We will create a new global Connected Home business, investing in innovation to build on our leadership position and expand beyond our current markets.

Energy Marketing and Trading

  • We have expanded our presence and capabilities in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), creating proven optimisation and risk management capabilities.
  • We will build on this foundation to create an international Energy Marketing and Trading capability, growing our role in LNG trading, optimisation and risk-management.

Exploration and Production will continue to play an important role for Centrica, but a more focused one. It provides diversity of cash flows and is a source of balance sheet strength. A smaller Exploration & Production business will focus on the North Sea and East Irish Sea, targeting production of between 40-50mmboe per annum.

Centrica's management team

Group Chief Executive
Iain Conn: Strategic Review
Interim Chief Financial Officer
Jeff Bell: Strategic Review
MD, British Gas
Mark Hodges: Strategic Review
MD, International Upstream
Mark Hanafin: Strategic Review
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