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Response to the Government's Comprehensive Spending Review

"We welcome the Government's decision to go ahead with a Renewable Heat Incentive. We share Government's excitement about the scope for renewable heat and look forward to early clarity on the details of funding and support levels. Along with the confirmation that current Feed-in Tariff levels will be maintained in the near-term, this should help accelerate the take up of small-scale low carbon and renewable technologies in homes, businesses and communities, and help keep Britain on track in meeting its decarbonisation commitments.

"The green economy offers a unique opportunity to create jobs and build a new UK manufacturing base. The further investment announced in offshore wind technology, manufacturing infrastructure at port sites and electric vehicles is an important early step towards realising that potential. And the Green Investment Bank, which took a step closer to reality today with a £1bn funding commitment, will help to unlock significant private sector investment."

Sam Laidlaw

Chief Executive

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