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Publication of a Supplement to the Base Prospectus

Following the publication of Centrica’s Annual Report and Accounts for the period ended 31 December 2013, Centrica is publishing a routine supplement to the Base Prospectus dated 26 September 2013 (the Base Prospectus) relating to the U.S.$10,000,000,000 Euro Medium Term Note Programme. The following Supplement dated 4 April 2014 (theSupplement) to the Base Prospectus has been approved by the UK Listing Authority and is available for viewing:

Supplement dated 4 April 2014 to the Base Prospectus dated 26 September 2013.

The Supplement should be read and construed in conjunction with the document incorporated by reference therein and the Base Prospectus.

Download the Supplement prospectus 

A copy of the Supplement has also been submitted to the National Storage Mechanism and will shortly be available for inspection at


For further information, please contact

Centrica plc


Maidenhead Road


Berkshire SL4 5GD

Telephone :+44 1753 494165

Fax :+44 1753 494176



Please note that the information contained in the Supplement and the Base Prospectus may be addressed to and/or targeted at persons who are residents of particular countries (specified in the Base Prospectus) only and is not intended for use and should not be relied upon by any person outside these countries and/or to whom the offer contained in the Base Prospectus is not addressed. Prior to relying on the information contained in the Supplement or the Base Prospectus you must ascertain from the Base Prospectus whether or not you are part of the intended addressees of the information contained therein.

Your right to access this service is conditional upon complying with the above requirement.

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