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E.g., 17/01/2018
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Nafisa Rawat: My journey to the Centrica Graduate Programme

Nafisa Rawat

After my A levels, I stumbled on the Institution of Chemical Engineers' ‘whynotchemeng’ website ( and chemical engineering appealed to me because I could later go into a range of different industries - from making plastics to converting waste cooking oil into biodiesel.

After graduating from the University of Nottingham, I joined the coatings industry where I worked for a year. However, I had always wanted to work in the energy sector because I find it very satisfying to be part of an industry that provides a fundamental human need of today. Centrica’s graduate scheme naturally appealed to me because of the vast amount of training offered while on the programme.

In particular, the Health, Safety, Environment and Security (HSES) programme caught my eye because it offered the opportunity to gain experience in four different disciplines while contributing to the energy security of the country and ensuring others’ safety at work at the same time. During my assessment centre, I felt so at ease with my would-be managers and colleagues, that I knew Centrica was right for me.

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