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Katie Wilson - my journey to the Centrica graduate programme

Katie WilsonI studied English at the University of Birmingham and graduated in July 2014. My dissertation was grounded in marketing, relating to how companies’ internal communications market themselves to their employees. Exploring how these techniques are targeted at customers is one of the things that drove me towards the marketing stream.

Centrica’s graduate scheme appealed to me because of the breadth of experience on offer; because the company is so huge, it’s pretty unique to be in a position to work in four completely different roles within 27 months.

It’s safe to say I was shocked when I found out I’d be moving to Glasgow for my 3 month contact centre placement, considering I’d never been to Scotland before. But I wouldn’t change it, I love it here. I’ve met some amazing people and I’m lucky enough to be working in the Hive Hub, which I’m told is very different to the rest of British Gas. It’s great to be involved in such a new and unique product as things are constantly innovating. Another reason to celebrate... tomorrow is Hive’s first birthday!

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