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Joanne Bailey: My journey to Centrica

Joanne BaileyJoanne Bailey

Having successfully completed three years of study at Swansea University in Chemical Engineering, I was conscious I had very little experience within industry. I knew I wanted to work within an innovative company which had high regards for its corporate and social responsibilities.

I become aware of the opportunity to join Centrica’s Health, Safety, Environmental and Security (HSES) team as a group assistant. This was exactly what I had been looking for! The HSES sector of Centrica keeps Centrica’s employees safe and healthy, while helping to reduce Centrica’s environmental impact throughout all their business streams. The team I work with are very approachable and have many years of experience within their fields, any conversation is an interesting learning experience.

The placement is very diverse with a huge range of opportunities in personal development to offer. While I am primarily based in the Windsor Millstream office, I have been able to travel to different locations on project and training purposes. In addition to gaining and improving upon my skills in the workplace, I am looking forward to: taking part in Centrica’s charity events, reviving my gym regime, completing the walk to work challenge and continuing to play an active role in the Windsor Green Team.

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