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Information Systems (IS) Open Day: My Experience

Being a recent graduate I know how stressful it can be when you are looking for that perfect graduate job, particularly when you have to fit in finding that perfect job around your university work. It is perfectly normal to be coming to the end of your degree and still not be absolutely sure what your next step in life will be. I would definitely advise attending graduate events and open days as these are a great way to understand the opportunities ahead of you.

My first interaction with Centrica came at a graduate event, where a very memorable presentation made them stand out to me. Because I attended this event I was invited down to Staines to the IS Open Day. I decided to go, but at this time I hadn’t even began the application process. I am not from an IT background (I studied Meteorology and Oceanography at university) so obviously one of my first questions when I arrived was ‘can I even apply for an IS role?’. The answer was a resounding yes!

The IS open day was a great opportunity for me to talk to current graduates to discover what the IS graduate scheme is like, what it’s like to work at Centrica and tips for the application process. The event itself was very relaxed and informal which made the day even more enjoyable. Hearing a talk from a senior team member within IS helped me to further understand my possible future role within the company and inspired me to apply.

Throughout the application process I referred back to the Open Day, the people I met and the invaluable information that it gave me. I believe that it was this knowledge that helped me get the job I am in today. I would recommend that all potential candidates attend the IS Open Day, make notes on the day, ask lots and lots of questions and then use the information you gain to make your application be the one that stands out from the crowd.

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