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Information Systems (IS) Open Day: An Amazing opportunity

The process of finding a job after graduation, ideally a graduate scheme, can be a full time job itself. Tens if not hundreds of applications submitted, no two of them similar, CVs, covering letters, online psychometric tests... What do employers look for? Do they all seek the same qualities and values in potential candidates? If not, how can I tailor my application to make sure I am considered for a job I really want? I have been there, in that exact position a year ago, when I was looking for a graduate scheme which could help me apply everything I learned during university, a graduate scheme which would be the first step towards a successful career.

After I started my application with Centrica, I received an invitation for an IS Open Day in Staines. The event was advertised on the official social media pages as well which I was following and I decided to attend the IS Open Day. To my surprise the day was more informal than I had expected. I met the grads from the previous years- they were all willing to tell us their stories and offer us tips; I had the chance to meet the graduate team and understand what Centrica was looking for when recruiting graduates; I listened to some impressive success stories from the head of Core Systems who was more than open to answer our questions. The day was designed to guide all grads towards a successful application by answering questions, offering tips and presenting the company’s perspective about future leaders.

That day was definitely crucial for my application and led to me eventually getting the job - I met people whom later I had the chance to see again at the Assessment Centre, I also met people there who are now my colleagues – in fact, two of my current colleagues were guests at the event as well! I would encourage all the candidates looking for an exciting graduate scheme in IS to attend an Open Day event before submitting their application, this offers a priceless insight of the company where they can start a graduate scheme and there aren’t many companies which offer a chance like that.

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