E.g., 19/01/2018
E.g., 19/01/2018

Harnessing solar energy to power UK production with Toyota

Industrial manufacture is often coupled with high carbon emissions, but in a pioneering partnership between British Gas and Toyota UK, we are showing the world a more environmentally efficient way to generate power through a large-scale industrial solar array at the Deeside engine production centre in North Wales.

The solar array totals almost 12,700 solar panels which will produce up to 3,475,000kWh a year, and generate up to 10% of the electricity required for building around 22,500 engines. The solar array covers an area equivalent in size to nearly eight football pitches and took British Gas nearly three months to install.

Toyota Solar Array

The venture marks a major investment in renewable energy and will significantly reduce the Toyota Plant’s carbon emissions, as well as provide an important contribution towards the Welsh Government’s carbon reduction targets. As a result of the installation, carbon emissions will fall by over 1,800 tonnes a year, a figure matching the combined weight of over 1,260 Auris hatchbacks.

This partnership follows on from an existing project between British Gas and Toyota UK, in which one of Britain’s largest solar arrays was delivered at the Burnaston factory in Derbyshire during 2011. Both the Deeside and Burnaston solar initiatives are part of Toyota’s leadership strategy to reduce the environmental impact of its operations worldwide.

The solar arrays also demonstrate British Gas’ commitment to offering businesses innovative new technology that will deliver not only significant carbon reductions, but a reliable supply of energy and long-term financial returns.

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