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E.g., 14/12/2017
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Green light for major investment at South Humber Bank power station

Centrica has confirmed a major investment at South Humber Bank power station, securing the future of the site up to 2027.

Centrica has confirmed a major investment at South Humber Bank power station, securing the future of the site up to 2027.

The company has committed to spend £63m on an overhaul of the gas turbines at the North East Lincolnshire plant that will see new turbine blades installed in partnership with GE. The part-mothballed plant will return to full service in 2017 with work expected to start the following year ready for the start of its capacity market contract in October 2018.

Jorge Pikunic, Managing Director of Centrica’s Distributed Energy and Power business, said: “This upgrade allows us to secure the future of this important power station for at least another decade.

“We were pleased to see the Government’s announcements last week signalling the important role that power stations like South Humber Bank will continue to play for UK security of supply and look forward to hearing more about their plans to support investment in the sector. The market for gas-fired generation continues to be challenging but, with the right policy landscape, we are confident it can improve.”

South Humber Bank refurbishment

The 1,285MW gas-fired power station is capable of producing enough electricity to meet the needs of over one million homes – nearly half the homes in Yorkshire and the Humber. Its capacity will increase by a further 14MW as a result of the turbine upgrade.

In its strategic review announcement in July, Centrica said it would invest to maintain and improve its gas-fired generation fleet where economics allow. The Group is also exploring opportunities to invest in small scale gas peaking plants and distributed energy solutions for large business customers as part of its new international Distributed Energy and Power business. 


Notes to Editors:

  • South Humber Bank was built in two phases. Phase one was built between September 1994 and April 1997. Phase two was built between November 1996 and January 1999.
  • Phase one has been temporarily withdrawn from service from 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2017, reducing the current maximum output of the power station to 540MW.
  • The site employs 56 people.


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