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Greater control over energy consumption with Power-To-Go

We have an important role to play in putting our customers in control of their energy use to help them better manage and reduce their energy consumption. Direct Energy’s innovative pre-pay energy plan, Power-To-GoTM, uses smart technology to give customers the opportunity to reduce energy consumption and related carbon emissions while helping them balance their financial commitments.

Flexible pre-pay energy plans have become increasingly popular with our cost-conscious customers in Houston, Dallas and Corpus Christi. Power-To-GoTM customers now have increased visibility on consumption through their smart meters which can help to highlight ways in which they can reduce their energy consumption. Direct Energy are going even further to help their pre-paid customers use less by sending a daily text or email to let them know how much electricity they've used, how much it costs and indicate how long their account balance is expected to last given their current usage habits. The product is also helping customers to stagger energy costs at intervals convenient to them and providing the flexibility to top-up their energy account at any time and with any amount.

For customers on a budget, cost savings can make a real difference. On average, Power-To-GoTM customers canreduce their energy consumption by 11%, enabling potential savings of around US$130 (£80) per customer each year. In 2013 we also made it possible to combine the product with time-of-use tariffs such as Free Power Saturdays, which can help customers make additional savings by only doing energy intensive tasks such as using the washing machine on a day when power is free. In turn, these reductions can limit energy’s impact on climate change because less energy consumed in the home also reduces the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

Direct Energy will remain committed to supporting its customers by finding innovative, convenient and flexible products to better meet their needs.

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