E.g., 15/12/2017
E.g., 15/12/2017
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The economic impact of Centrica in the UK

Centrica’s impact extends right across the UK’s nations and regions, well beyond our 69 major operational sites. Oxford Economics, the global economics consultancy, has produced a report that investigates the contribution Centrica makes to the UK economy. We published a summary of this report at the end of February 2013 and today we are launching the full report.

Sam Moore, Chief Operating Officer - Economic Impact and Cities Service at Oxford Economics, said: “At a time when the economy has experienced little or negative economic growth since 2007, companies that can grow and employ people are highly important.”

“This report explains how the activities of Centrica, a large and successful British company, contribute to the UK economy, especially the labour market and public finances. The analysis shows the contribution Centrica makes to UK GDP, the number of people who rely on Centrica for their employment and the amount of tax receipts it supports.”


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