E.g., 17/01/2018
E.g., 17/01/2018

British Gas customers receive 'top billing'

British Gas customers are receiving the clearest top rated bills, payment policies and account management in the energy sector according to Which? research released today.

Which? has published results of research that looks at key communications sent to energy customers, including bills, price change letters and annual statements. British Gas topped the list with a five star rating.

Ian Peters, Managing Director Energy, British Gas said:

“We really appreciate the feedback on our customer communications. At British Gas we are working hard to keep things simple, fair and transparent for our customers, helping them to understand the energy they use and to save money if they can.”

This news comes only weeks after British Gas announced it was radically changing the look and contents of the bill.

British Gas bills will now help customers focus on ways to save money, and there will be a dedicated ‘Can I save money?’ section. This will offer each customer tailored advice setting out how they could keep their bills down in future. The advice will include energy efficiency advice, details of other cheaper tariffs, and savings that could be achieved by paying by direct debit.

The new bill has been designed with customers – including members of the independent British Gas Customer Board, which has championed the issues of simplicity and transparency within British Gas.

Customers will start benefiting from the new bill this summer.

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