E.g., 15/12/2017
E.g., 15/12/2017

British Gas comments on helping customers get the best deal

Responding to today’s Government announcement about the agreement to help consumers get the best deal, Ian Peters, managing director of energy, at British Gas said:

“We have worked with Government to agree this set of commitments to help customers get the best energy deal for them. British Gas is already delivering the great majority of these.

“Our ‘Tariff Checker’ is already helping customers find and move to the best British Gas tariff for them. We have also taken the lead on simplifying tariffs, and we are including easy-to-use information up-front on our customers’ annual statements. This will further help customers find the best deal and make the most of any savings available to them.

“British Gas is the only energy supplier to adopt this very clear approach. If other energy suppliers follow our lead even more customers will reap the benefit.”

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