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Direct Energy is looking for a passionate and dynamic UX/UI Design & Develop professional who develop user interface for websites for multiple brands from the ground up. Developer who understands the intricacies of cross-browser development and knows how to build interfaces by writing efficient and organized CSS. The UI/UX designer & developer will work with Marketing, Conversion and other digital stakeholders to provide ease of use within complex websites, suggest solutions that refine the experience based on the stated goals,  create unique answers to difficult problems, and build the client-side code for polished websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


  • Writing standards: compliant front-end code for websites, web applications, and mobile solutions using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Solid understanding of user-centric design principles.
  • Expertise with cross-browser, cross-platform, and design constraints on the web.
  • Excellent communication skills (you should be able to clearly articulate your design/coding decisions).
  • Experience designing wireframes, developing user cases and mapping user flows.
  • Experience with best practices in Web design.
  • Experience working in cross functional teams.
  • Experience presenting UX recommendations.
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent in related field
  • Strong portfolio of work showing experience developing standards-compliant front-end code for marketing websites, web applications, and/or mobile experiences


  • Design user experiences that balance the users’ needs with mission/business goals and technical capabilities.
  • Provide guidance on incorporating user research methodologies into the product design and development lifecycles.
  • Conceptualize new design solutions - bringing them to life through wireframes, rapid prototypes, and final designs and templates. 
  • Create and apply brand frameworks within product guidelines and across the entire portfolio, ensuring a cohesive brand experience for customers. 
  • Use critical thinking skills to translate sometimes vague or complex concepts into viable interactive solutions. 
  • Know your way around project management, including juggling multiple parts of a project and keeping up to date with all the moving parts. 
  • Match innovative thinking with equally innovative execution. 
  • Collaborate with teams across the organization and the company to ensure we maintain industry leadership, and deliver innovative and exciting designs that meet company's business goals. 
  • Ensure site architecture and site optimization strategy keep pace with evolving best-practices.

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