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TX, Houston

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Manage the creation of purchase orders in Microsoft Dynamics AX for marketing activities for 20 retail locations and 300 Adfund locations for Direct Energy Marketing.  Create annual report for Financial Disclosure Documents for Adfund.  Create monthly report for retail marketing costs for accounting.  Provide customer service for inquiries from vendors.  Provide analytical support to management.  Perform audit of The Company’s invoices versus the ATB’s to ensure accuracy of billing. The position reports to the Vice President of Marketing.


  • Create purchase orders during the year for marketing costs upon receipt of invoice or before if information is available. The value of the PO’s is approximately $30M for retail and Adfund.
  • Receive invoices from multiple sources both internal to DE and external and create PO’s in a timely manner.  Determine if invoice is retail or Adfund and if Adfund, which brand. If it is for a retail location, determine the location if not on the invoice.
  • Ensure that PO’s are approved, confirmed and received in the system in a timely manner.
  • Complete and submit form to Houston for new vendor requests.  Request W9 from vendor if needed.
  • Submit invoices to Accounts Payable after PO received in. 
  • Be aware of vendors with Net 7 days terms of payment to ensure timely payment of invoice.
  • Using Excel, maintain a spreadsheet (Expense Tracker) with monthly data for marketing costs for retail locations.  This information is provided to Accounting within three days after the end of period.
  • Create an Excel report of Adfund costs for calendar year for the Financial Disclosure Document report filed annually in January. 
  • Create and maintain an Excel spreadsheet showing prepaid costs.  Marketing costs for retail locations are spread across the life of a contract.  The information is provided to Accounting monthly. 
  • Access our advertising agency’s system to download and print the ATB’s for Billing.  These are used to create the Adfund PO’s on a quarterly basis.  This is in addition to the normal production invoices received monthly.
  • Create and maintain an Excel spreadsheet with Adfund costs for annual audit of The Company’s invoices by comparing to ATB’s.
  • Create four Excel reports of PO’s ready to be received in and give to Temp to do so periodically.
  • Requires intermediate knowledge of Excel including how to use formulas and pivot tables. 
  • Able to work autonomously and with minimal supervision.


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proficient in Intermediate Excel skills and Microsoft Office.
  • Candidate must by analytical, well organized and able to problem solve.
  • Degree in Business or equivalent required.

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